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PML HOA Annual Meeting Notes 11/27/2012

I. Meeting called to order at 7:20 PM by Ed Culler and Pam verified that we do have quorum (30% of owners present or proxy)

II. Current Board Members introduced themselves (Ed Culler, Dale Jones, Jennifer Leson, Donnie Pirozzi) and our Property Manager from CMA, Pam Irwin

III. Ed reviewed minutes from last year`s meeting:

IV. Dale went over highlights from 2011.

A. Re-Painted the trash compactor.

B. Re-painted the outside of the elevator lobby in bldg. 300.

C. Changed the gate and door codes (annual occurrence).

D. Open house in the spring which led to at least two units being sold.

E. Screen on the green this past spring.

F. Installed low clearance signs under bldg. 300.

G. Installed no parking signs along the parking outside bldg. 100.

H. Purchased a community projector and screen and had two events in the fall.

V. Ed reviewed the financials and budgets with owners. Summary

A. Operating cash of 32k and total assets of 385k.

B. Annual dues increase of $15/month. Dues increased primarily to offset the increased cost of water. Some residents indicated they had changed out their toilets to low flow toilets. They also suggested we attempt to contract a discounted rate with a plumber that the individual unit owners could contact to investigate plumbing issues or the look into installing more water efficient toilets.

C. Residents asked how many units have balances/overdue HOA payments. Currently, approx. 9 units have back due amounts, 5 have balances over 90 days old.

VI. Ed went over plans for 2013

A. Discussed the plan to replace the roofs on bldg. 100 and 200. There will be a special assessment meeting on January 17th to present the information and vote to approve the assessment. We will need a quorum of 60% of the owners.

B. If budget permits, re-painting the balcony handrails on bldg. 300 and landscaping the dog run will be the two items the board would like to address.

C. Scott Taylor informed the audience that Chamblee has found a potential buyer for the Marta parking lot adjacent to our property. The new owners may be interested in a land swap. Also, the city may be interested in using the easement that they have on the property. Many concerns were raised about the detrimental effects this could have on our property.

VII. Ed introduced Board Nominees and each spoke. Ballots cast for:

A. Anne Esterly

B. Jane Holloman

C. Christina Allen

D. Matt Coleman

VIII. New board members were announced after Pam certified ballots: Ed Culler (President), Dale Jones (Vice President), Anne Esterly (Secretary), Jane Holloman (Treasurer), Christina Allen (Member at Large).

X. Meeting adjourned at 7:55p.m.