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PML HOA Annual Meeting Notes 1/27/2011

I. Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by Donnie and Pam/Rachel verified that we do in fact have a quorum (51% of owners present or proxied).

II. Donnie introduced all 3 board members present (Rob Koch, Donnie Pirozzi, and Matt Coleman), and our property manager from CMA ,Pam Irwin, and the HOA’s lawyer, Rachel Conrad.

Donnie explained that the switch to CMA came about due to our property manager leaving and us feeling that Partners was not doing the best possible job (ie accounting and record keeping issues, etc.) to help make and keep our community as great as it should be. He stated that after interviewing and reviewing 5 different proposals from 5 different management companies, CMA was picked because of the resources that they offer above and beyond what we had been used to at Partners (and the cost wasn’t much different).

III. Donnie then revisited the major points addressed from last year’s meeting:

A. Roofs still causing issues and we are continuing to “patch” these as they arise in all 3 buildings.

B. Capital reserve assessment completed for a cost of $1800, which was much lower than the expected 5-7 thousand mentioned.

C. Cameras were malfunctioning so 5-6 have been replaced by warranties and filming is much better, now

D. Sign was installed on 100 bldg for the community

E. Magnetic locks installed on all car gates to stop ramming.

F. Asphalt resealed

G. Waitlist for units rented has started.

IV. Pam reviewed the financials and budget with owners and said that it will take at least a year before CMA truly smoothes out all the problems that existed with our financials and the switch from Partners Management.

V. Matt explained accomplishments/updates from 2010:

A. New sign for the community

B. New landscaping company, Kat Howkins Landscape and Design

C. Redecoration completed of all buildings, on each floor

D. Resealed asphalt and restriped most parking spaces

E. Pressure washed 100/200 bldgs. (including the courtyard cement and touch up painting/sealing all windows in 100/200)

F. Had “unreachable” windows of 300 bldg cleaned

G. Installed new operators for the front car gates (along with magnetic locks)

H. Had 2 HOA sponsored courtyard events

I. Became FHA certified

J. Switched management companies to CMA

K. Capital reserve assessment completed and stated that the dues should be raised progressively over the next few years but the board has opted not to start this yet.

L. Fleetwood Maintenance/Cleaning Company took over the cleaning and maintenance of our community after Ardis’ departure. Our contract states that they will supply a person to clean/maintain PML M-F from 8:00-12:00

VI. Donnie explained plans for 2011:

A. Install a bike rack in the garage

B. Replace 2 of the machines in the exercise room

C. Change $500 refundable deposit for renters to $150 non-refundable “impact fee” for all residents moving in to the community. This suggestion brought up a bit of a debate, and no decision was made at this time.

D. Pressure wash and touch up the garage walls and floors

E. 2 more HOA sponsored courtyard events—spring and fall?

F. Security codes will be changed again soon

G. Voting took place on staggering the terms of the board to keep continuity. This resolution passed (40 yes votes present, not including proxies) and it is stated that 3 of the board members will have 2 year terms, and the other 2 will have 1 year terms. It was not decided which will be which but it could be based on the numbers of votes received for the 2011 HOA election

VII. Board Nominees were introduced and ballots cast:

A. Donnie Pirozzi

B. Rob Koch

C. Matt Coleman

D. David Martin

E. Brain Schroder

F. Jennifer Bobin

G. Jennifer Leson

F. Scott Taylor (absent but on ballot)

VIII. New HOA Board members introduced (after Rachel and Pam certified the ballots): Donnie Pirozzi (president), Rob Koch (Vice President), Jennifer Leson (Secretary), Matt Coleman (Treasurer), and Scott Taylor

IX. Questions for the board and good of the community:

A. LD suggested that we pool our resources as a community to help each other out during this down economy. She suggested a meeting for next Thursday February 2nd in this exact spot at 8 PM for anyone interested in finding out and doing their part.

B. DM questioned our community’s economic health (since his take on our combined financials from Partners and CMA shows a cd of close to $40,000 no longer on our ledger) The community was assured that the board, Pam, CMA, and Partners are researching this to find the exact reason for the discrepancy. It is possible, that the cd matured and went into our cash account, but was left off the books (some how, some way) by Partners accounting.

C. CA suggested a PML community directory so if issues arise owners can get in touch with each other (ie her unit flooded a few times from a unit being rented and couldn’t get in touch with anyone)

D. JB suggested fixing the call box at the pedestrian gate (struck by lightning last year and hasn’t worked since) and also some wheelchair accessible improvements to the post office boxes, the dog run, and parking.

X. Meeting adjourned 8:20 PM

Next HOA Board meeting will be Thursday 2/24/2011 at 7PM