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PML HOA Annual Meeting Notes 11/16/2011

I. Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by Donnie and Pam verified that we do have quorum (51% of owners present or proxy)

II. Donnie introduced all 4 board members (Jennifer Leson, Matt Coleman, Rob Koch, Scott Taylor) and our Property Manager from CMA, Pam Irwin)

III. Jennifer reviewed minutes from last year`s meeting:
A. Lynne Davis suggested that we pool our resources as a community to help each other out during this down economy. She suggested a meeting for next Thursday February 2nd in this exact spot at 8 PM for anyone interested in finding out and doing their part

B. Dave Martin questioned our community`s economic health (since his take on our combined financials from Partners and CMA shows a cd of close to $40,000 no longer on our ledger) The community was assured that the board, Pam, CMA, and Partners are researching this to find the exact reason for the discrepancy. It is possible, that the cd matured and went into our cash account, but was left off the books (some how, some way) by Partners accounting.
C. Christine Asalone suggested a PML community directory so if issues arise owners can get in touch with each other (ie her unit flooded a few times from a unit being rented and couldn`t get in touch with anyone)
D. JB suggested fixing the call box at the pedestrian gate (struck by lightning last year and hasn`t worked since) and also some wheelchair accessible improvements to the post office boxes, the dog run, and parking.
IV. Matt reviewed the financials and budgets with owners. Summary
A. Total cash on hand - 237K as of 10/31, 226K as of 2/28. 4.6% more cash on hand now than the beginning of the year, or $11K.

B. Total assets (including our operating cash on hand/and our CDs) - $364K as of 10/31, $341K as of 2/28. 4% more in total assets now than at the beginning of the year, or $23K.

C. Overall expenses are at approximately $234K to date. We projected $227K in expenses at the beginning of the year so we are running a little over 2.5% above what we had planned, or roughly $7K.

D. The increase in expenses is largely due to unplanned and unforeseen expenses: water pipe repair after burst following January snow storm and fire alarm re-certifications we were required to do by law.

V. Donnie went over highlights from 2011.

A. Bulletin Boards were added in 300 building entrance and elevators for PML communications.

B. Lights were added near mailboxes

C. Through the assistance of resident Lynne Davis we had three community Open Houses.

D. Christina Asalone created a PML community directory.

E. Fire alarm and extinguishers recertification completed

F. New fitness equipment and blinds for fitness room.

G. Community event during the Spring

H. Bike racks were added to 300 building

I. Pressure washed garage

J. Changed $500 refundable deposit for renters to $150 non-refundable impact fee for all residents moving into the community.

K. Surge protectors were added for the video surveillance.

VI. Donnie went over some of the plans for 2012

A. Screen on the Green in the Spring

B. Redo courtyard landscaping to make it look newer

C. Cut down the ramp to dog run and make area more accessible.

VII. Jennifer introduced Board Nominees and each spoke. Ballots cast for:

A. Ed Culler

B. Anne Esterly

C. Dale Jones

VIII. While votes were being tallied Question for the board and good of the community.

A. Anne Esterly would like to have signs (that use to be there) in front of the 100 building parking indicating that illegally parked cars will be towed
B. Heather R asked about the 100 and 200 building roofs. We have been patching them. Sumeeet had mentioned when he was on board was told that there was 8-12 years left. It is something that the board realizes will need to be addressed.
C. Get name of new resident - Main gate - gets shock when entering the buttons. Someone else had also mentioned having this issue. Donnie had mentioned about residents getting remote. Sumeet mentioned you can get on Amazon.
D. Deborah (last name) indicated that she has smelled cigarette smoke in her loft. Others have indicated this issue and various suggestions from residents were given.
E. Smell on 2nd floor possibly from leaking of sewer gas in one of the vacant units
F. Alesea Wallace wanted to swap parking spaces as she has a SUV and it`s a tight fit
G. Michael Friedman - 100 building keypad sometimes won`t take code
H. Heather Grafton - Mentioned to remember to pick up after dogs - that there are children living here and is a health risk (for both children and other dogs).
I. Danny Gladman mentioned that the manual lock on the 300 building door going to the parking lock doesn`t always lock.
J. Heather Grafton - Glass doors on the 200 and 100 buildings need closers like in 300 building. This mechanism will control how quickly/loudly the door shuts.
K. Someone asked about our video monitoring and was indicated again that it is working and that there were surge protectors added (that weren`t originally).

IX. New board members were announced after Pam certified ballots: Jennifer Leson (President), Ed Culler (Vice President), Dale Jones (Secretary), Matt Coleman (Treasurer), Donnie Pirozzi (Member at Large).

X. Meeting adjourned at 7:50p.m.