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August Meeting MInutes

PML August Meeting Minutes
Meeting held August 18, 2015 7:30 in Unit 2110
Board Members Present: Tom Cross, Tammi Scott, Jack Murray & Teresa Plank.
Not Present: Patrick Baker
Call to Order
July Meeting Minutes approved by unanimous consent.
Discussed damage to courtyard pedestrian gate by landscaping company who has accepted responsibilty. Requested quote from PTR Controlled Access and work to be scheduled ASAP.
Discussed visitor parking exception for public service vehicle. Approved by unanimous consent.
Discussed asphalt resurfacing project. Patching completed. Crack sealing to be completed as soon as weather permits. Resurfacing to be done over 2 days to make it more manageable for residents. Patrick agreed via email to be present the morning of August 27th & Tammi agreed to be present the morning of August 28th to assist with towing of vehicles if necessary. Pam Irwin to contact Brown & Brown advising to be on standby for our project. Teresa & Jack to coordinate communications to community.
Discussed further action to replace keypad on center door of 100 building. Teresa to order keypad & Jack to install.
Discussed unit wishing to pay to remove excessive bushes from patio area and agreed they could use a vendor of their choice.
Discussed iron painting project and reviewed bids. Vendor selected. Tom to coordinate.
Discussed communication with CMA regarding performance of duties & management of projects. Tom to follow up.
Discussed moving big bulletin board by mailboxes into the 100 building and purchasing smaller one for mailbox area. Teresa to address.
Added another board meeting date of September 8th @ 7:30 Unit 2110 to accommodate schedules & meet the board’s goals prior to November election. September 15 meeting will be cancelled.
Meeting adjourned.

Posted: Tuesday September 8th, 2015 06:03 AM