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May Meeting Minutes

Meeting held May 17, 2015 7:30 p.m. Unit 2110
In attendance were: Tom Cross, Tammi Scott, Patrick Baker, Jack Murray, Teresa Plank & Pam Irwin/CMA
Call to order
Minutes from April meeting approved
Discussed standing/pooling water issues & reviewed bids for various work projects. Approved bid for clearing & repair of retention pond. Discussed request for annual maintenance fees of the retention pond.
Discussed pest control issues.
Unanimous decision to purchase & install inexpensive screen for fence in the dog run to provide privacy from foot traffic on Chamblee Tucker.
Discussed illegal renters & advised Pam of actions to take.
Due to recent sales of approved leased units, two more units on the rental list were moved to approved leasing status- Pam to notify.
Action items:
Tammi to purchase & oversee installation of dog run screen.
Tom to review scope of work for parking resurfacing bid & forward to Pam to put out for bid.
Pam to remind gate vendor to fix front fence.
Pam to ask gate vendor about photo receptor & clarification of its purpose.
Pam to ask Hill Mechanical for report from water pressure repairs.
Tammi to meet with Crabapple the new landscaping company to provide guidance on problem areas.
Tammi to meet with Water Logic for clarification of areas of concern with standing & pooling water.
Next meeting to be held June 16 Unit 1112
Meeting adjourned.

Posted: Monday July 13th, 2015 07:41 AM