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Peachtree Malone Annual Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2015 7:30
Tom Cross, outgoing president, addressed the homeowners providing an overview of the board’s accomplishments for 2015.
1. Resurfacing/striping of asphalt areas of the community.
2. Repainting of all the balconies, railings & other ironworks in the community.
3. Addressed some of the drainage issues with more to follow in 2016.
4. Hired a new landscaping company.
5. New downspouts for the 200 building.
6. Sprinkler & fire alarm inspections & repairs.
The new property manager for CMA, Marcy Coleman, was introduced and she will be devoting 16 hours per week to Peachtree Malone Lofts. This service is an upgrade from our previous contract with CMA and the 2016 HOA dues were increased to $220.00 per month, largely to cover this added service. Over the past few years, the demands of the community have taken more and more of the board’s time and under the previous contract, could not turn anything more over to CMA to manage. With the upgraded service, the community will have direct access to Marcy for faster response time and dedicated attention.
Tom also advised that, according to the Huie Reserve Study, there were no major maintenance projects anticipated for 2016. He also addressed recent vehicle break ins and the need for the community to be more diligent in protecting itself by locking vehicles, not leaving valuables visible, being more aware and reporting suspicious activity to Chamblee Police.
Quorum was met in order to vote for new board members. There were two open positions vacated by Tom Cross and Teresa Plank who had both served their two year term. Teresa Plank ran for office again and was re-elected. Jack Cobb was the second candidate elected. The newly formed board met at a later date and determined the following officers:
Teresa Plank- President
Jack Murray- Vice President
Tammi Scott- Treasurer
Jack Cobb- Secretary
Patrick Baker- Member at Large

Posted: Wednesday December 9th, 2015 12:55 PM