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February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jack Murray, Jack Cobb, Patrick Baker, Tammi Scott, Teresa Plank & Marcy Coleman
Time 7:00 Location: Unit 1110

Call to Order
Discussed residentís request to review financials & voted not to proceed.
Discussed quotes for patio repairs. Marcy to get additional quotes.
Discussed further drainage issues in and around the 300 building. Requested March get quotes.
Discussed landscaping issues and voted in favor of moving forward with hard pruning. Seeking bids from other landscaping companies for consideration.
Discussed dog run issues and voted in favor of repairing fence. Board will seek reimbursement from construction company.
Discussed rental hardship requests. No decision reached at this time.
Discussed further legal actions against unit with grossly overdue HOA fees. Water was shut off to the unit.
Discussed Chamblee Rail Trail updates and future meetings with the City of Chamblee and communication to the PM Lofts Community.
Discussed January financials. Reserve was met.
Discussed replacement of dog trash cans & parking post in rear of 300 building. Voted to move forward with purchase & replacements.
Discussed security light over west door of 300 building. Voted to move forward with replacement.
Meeting adjourned.

Posted: Tuesday April 12th, 2016 03:02 PM