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PM Lofts Parking Project

As has been communicated prior, our asphalt parking areas need to be resurfaced, repaired and repainted. All work is contingent upon proper weather conditions. It must be dry and relatively sunny for the optimum curing. THIS PROJECT WILL REQUIRE YOUR COOPERATION AS FOLLOWS:
August 12- Several areas need to be excavated and asphalt replaced. These will not take place in any parking space so no action required of anyone.
August 17- Crack sealing will take place. If there is a sizeable crack under the area where you park, your car should be moved elsewhere for this action.
August 27- The first phase of resurfacing will start on the asphalt area facing Peachtree St. and down the side of building 200 facing Chamblee Tucker. If you normally park in those areas, you will need to have your car moved by 9:00 a.m. on the 27th. You may park in guest parking, on the street or elsewhere but your car must be moved by 9:00 a.m. or it will be towed at your expense. The front entrance will be closed during normal business hours on the 27th so only the Malone St entrance will be available during the day for entrance & exit.
August 28- The second phase of resurfacing will start on the asphalt area from the corner of the 200 building facing Chamblee Tucker down the side of the 300 building and the Guest Parking in the rear of the 300 building. Any car parked in these spots after 9:00 will be towed at the owner’s expense. THIS PHASE WILL ALSO AFFECT THOSE WHO PARK ON THE CONCRETE PAD UNDER THE 300 BUILDING AS THE MALONE ST GATE AND THE ASPHALT AREA TO GET TO EITHER GATE WILL BE BLOCKED. WE ARE NOT DOING ANY WORK TO THE CONCRETE PAD BUT FOR PURPOSES OF ENTERING AND EXITING THOSE PARKING SPACES, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO SO AFTER 9:00.
The final phase is restriping and marking the parking spaces. This cannot be done until all the new surfaces have cured. At this time we are targeting some time the week after Labor Day which is August 7th. We will communicate with you as much in advance as possible about when this will occur. The paint used to mark the spaces is designed to dry almost instantly but they will need access to each parking space that is on asphalt on this day.
The board thanks you in advance for your cooperation. We realize projects of this nature aren’t always convenient but they are necessary to maintain the esthetics of our community.

Posted: Wednesday August 12th, 2015 12:06 PM