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March Meeting Minutes 2016

PML March 3, 2016 Meeting Minutes
7:00 @ Unit 1110- Members present: Jack Murray, Jack Cobb, Patrick Baker, Tammi Scott, Teresa Plank & Property Manager Marcy Coleman

Call to order.
Reviewed financials. Requested Marcy to follow up on fees to have been collected at closing for unit in 200 building.
Unanimously agreed two temporary hardships with contingencies.
Discussed units on rental list to be moved to approved status.
Discussed AirBNB & Craigslist listings- Marcy to contact AirBNB
Discussed recent cement repairs on corner bottom unit of 300 and units of 200 building facing west. Repairs completed satisfactorily.
Approved to request engineering study of 300 drainage issues. One board member abstained.
Discussed landscaping, soliciting bids for new company & complaints of current company not completing contracted tasks. Current contract expires in June and 30 day notice required. Marcy to solicit bids. Unanimously voted to move forward with spring planting.
Approved $500 allowance for possible additional ground cover of dog run. One board member abstained.
Discussed most recent meetings with MARTA & other parties involved in the dog run/rail trail project.
Unanimously agreed to fine two units with repeated complaints.
February meeting minutes approved.
Requested Marcy to get bids for clogged drain under dumpster.
Meeting adjourned.

Posted: Tuesday May 24th, 2016 09:27 AM