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June 2017 Meeting Minutes

PM Lofts
HOA Board meeting
Location Hopstix

Meeting called to order at 7:02
Jim, Eleanor, Jack, Teresa and Cliff in attendance.
Previous months minutes – Teresa motioned to approve, Cliff second
Cliff motioned to move our monthly meeting to later in the month to have more up to date financials, Teresa second
- Next monthly meeting on or about July 26th
April, 2017 financials were reviewed
- Crabapple expense for irrigation startup - is this included in our annual agreement and charged in error
- Insurance out for re-bid now that the lawsuit is settled
- Ask for water meter calibration rather than replacement (unless replacement required)
- Make sure Celeste sends letter to county about disputed water bills
- Only pay the amount of our last bill after we are in dispute
- Do not pay for sample stairwell cleaning. Ask the vendor to do the demo for free
- Get surveillance cameras labeled in system for easy access to data
Meeting adjourned 8:30

Action items
Teresa – call Arrow exterminators, time period covered by last bill
Cliff – call courtyard lighting guy for questions about placement that blinds pedestrians in courtyard
Jim – Check Crabapple agreement for irrigation startup
Joey – Get prepared to bid out insurance
Celeste, Cliff – water meter calibration
Joey – only pay amount of last water bill
Joey – negotiate a free demo of stairwell cleaning or find another vendor
Jim, Cliff – bring three bikes in storage to Good will
Joey – Label surveillance cameras
Cliff, Jim, Jack – visit Guardian Storage to look at roof
Jim, Teresa – schedule time to do move in checklist
Joey – make arrangements for July 26 meeting with financials that are only one month in arrears

Posted: Monday August 7th, 2017 03:27 PM