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June Meeting Minutes

Meeting held Tuesday June 16, 2015 7:30 P.M. Unit 1112
Members in attendance: Tom Cross, Tammi Scott, Patrick Baker & Teresa Plank
Call to order.
Approved minutes from May meeting.
Unanimous decision to move forward with landscaping $1300 quote for summer planting.
Irrigation pipe leak in front of 300 building has been fixed.
Retention pond near the back entrance gate has been cleaned out and trees trimmed.
Discussed sprinkler timing issues and unanimous decision to approve rain detector for irrigation system. This will detect rain and stop the irrigation system from engaging.
Discussed drainage issues of the courtyard and other areas. Expenditure of $1420 approved to address problem at the southwest corner of 300 building where downspouts are causing flooding and erosion. Tammi to follow up with vendor for investigation of courtyard drain.
Discussed quote for parking lot resurfacing. Teresa to follow up with vendor regarding specific wording is included in parking spaces & have CMA paint the red curbing instead of vendor.
Discussed the annual security code change. Pam to issue 30 day notifications to owners.
Discussed repainting of ironwork. Tom to request updated quote.
Discussed electric car charging request. Patrick to follow up and get more details from Pam.
Discussed our financial plan.
Discussed possible community meeting/update.
Reviewed financials- reserves were met for May.
Discussed illegal renting and further actions for management to take.
Discussed status of Hill Mechanical report- need follow up with Pam.
Hole discovered in fence of dog run- need repair.
Discussed electrical issue at front gate- need follow up with Pam on status.
Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting July 21 @ 7:30 Unit 2110 unless otherwise noted.

Posted: Thursday July 23rd, 2015 09:56 AM