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September Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting 9/8/15
7:30 P.M. Unit 2110
Board members present: Tammi Scott, Tom Cross & Jack Murray
Members not present: Teresa Plank & Patrick Baker
Call to order.
Unanimous consent approval of August meeting minutes.

Discussed fire suppression letters to be sent asking owners timeframe for repairs to me made. Request CMA to individualize letters for each unit that needs repairs including quotes but clarifying that other vendor options are available to them.

CMA needs to arrange the inspection day for units that were not available for previous fire safety system inspection.

Discussed CMA Management change proposal. Onsite manager Ė will be formulating question for proposal.

Discussed Marta easement on the back of the property and possible changes that will be needed. City of Chamblee has hired a consultant and the board will reach out to get clarification on explanation of future plans. Tammiís action.

Discussed HOA community document re-write. List of questions of the process will be asked of the attorney and reported back at the next meeting. Tomís action.

HOA board elections to take place at general meeting in November 2015. Location and announcements to be planned at next meeting.

Follow up with law firm for further action available to us for foreclosure unit.

Discussed the financial plan for the future. Budgeting is on track for major projects without any need for special assessment. Discussed dues amount for next fiscal year.

Courtyard drainage project is tabled for now.

EV project is tabled for now.
Meeting adjourned.

Posted: Tuesday November 17th, 2015 09:58 AM