General Information

Public Safety

If you see any suspicious person(s), or activity in/surrounding the PML property, please notify Chamblee Police by dialing 911 immediately! If you spot a suspicious or stray animal, please contact the Chamblee Animal Control Officer at (770) 986-5019. Please make sure all pedestrian gates are closed and secured, when you enter or exit the property.


Please remind your guests that they should never park in numbered spaces. All parking is assigned. Visitors should only use the unnumbered visitor parking spaces by the back fence located in the rear of the property, on Malone Drive, or the Senior Connections lot. Also, please do not park your vehicles long term by the curbs along the 100 and 200 buildings, and by the elevator door of the 300 building. If someone is parking in your space, it would be best to leave a warning note and remind the offender that their car will be towed in the future and that they may receive no further warnings. Next step is to get a parking violation sticker from HomeOwners Advantage and place it on the offending vehicle. Record the date and time of the note and take digital photos of the offending vehicle if possible. Make sure the license plate and warning note is visible. After all options are exhausted, contact HomeOwners Advantage at (404) 575-4470, and have them call Brown & Brown towing to remove the vehicle.

If you have questions about our parking key fobs and call boxes, please call HomeOwners Advantage at (404) 575-4470.

Moving Large Items

Call HomeOwners Advantage at least 48 hours in advance to reserve and receive free use of a hand truck, an elevator key, and elevator mats. Please protect the beauty of our common areas.

Maintenance Issues

HomeOwners Advantage should be notified of any service issues related to the common areas only, such as malfunctions or issues with common area locks, doors, elevator, trash compactor, hallways, building exteriors, structural and landscaping. HomeOwners Advantage does not handle issues involving appliances or issues inside your unit.

Hallway floors will be buffed every Thursday. Please take in your floor mats to expedite the process. Buffing should be completed by Noon.


As a city ordinance, cats and dogs are both required to wear a collar with a valid vaccination tag. NO ANIMAL is allowed to run unattended on the streets of the city. A "Pooper Scooper" ordinance requires that the owners of dogs clean up after their pets in public areas. There are several pet stations located throughout the property. We ask those pet owners to be considerate of your neighbors, and the health of other pets. Please clean up after your pet!

Garbage and Debris

Please discard garbage bags or large volumes of trash into the garbage compactor located on the SW corner of the property. Do not leave those items exposed on balconies, in the parking garage, in the green space, or by the dwellings. In addition, do not leave furniture or other large items in or near the trash compactor. HomeOwners Advantage will dispatch a third party to remove the offending debris and residents will be billed for the cost of removal.

Dog Run

Please be mindful of this shared common space. If your dog does not get along with a particular dog that is inside, please wait to enter (until said dog or dogs has/have left). Please make use of the provided waste disposal bags.


Please be considerate to your neighbors and keep the noise and your pets under control.

If you are having trouble with noise, please make absolutely sure you have the facts to where the noise is coming from. Once that has been determined, we strongly encourage a calm conversation with the neighbor first and make them aware of the noise problems. City of Chamblee and DeKalb County Noise Ordinances govern unreasonable disturbances. In extreme situations you should contact the Chamblee Police Department. If this does not work, and after all options are exhausted, you can contact HomeOwners Advantage and request that the offending neighbor be sent a noise-violation letter because they have not heeded your requests for peace and quiet.

Leasing a Unit

To Lease - Registration and approval is required by HomeOwners Advantage and the PML Board of Directors with current standing in Association and Assessment fees. After obtaining approval to lease from HomeOwners Advantage and the Board of Directors, an executed lease agreement, a signed copy of the 12 month lease and a $150 NON-refundable move in fee must be submitted to HomeOwners Advantage. The 25% maximum is a requirement for our community. If an owner is leasing a unit to a tenant on Peachtree Malone property without registration and approval from the PML Board of Directors and HomeOwners Advantage, the owner will incur fines and strict penalties. Please contact HomeOwners Advantage for details.